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Theres just something about this island, the Florida Keys in general but this island is quite special. This was my third time in Key West (the first time being over 10 years ago while I still lived in Canada). Last year I was lucky enough to get invited to the opening of The Gates Hotel and to double my luck, I got to head there again a few weeks ago.
This time it was a girls trip and Rebecca came with me, which meant we spent the entire week laughing our asses off, seriously I think I got a six pack from it! haha. To stay true to our “Dutchness”, we got bikes from the hotel and basically cycled everywhere, which not only was a great workout -even though I was already getting up at 6am for runs-, but It also helped us discovered the island a lot better. If you are ever in Key West, cycling around is definitely a must!, the island is quite “small”, so you can get everywhere in max 30 minutes.

For such a small island, theres actually a ton of things to do and we definitely kept ourselves entertained. From Rum Row cocktails by the pool, to sunset sails, paddle boarding, overdosing on caffeine at the Cuban Coffee queen, getting sugar high with chocolate covered key lime pie, discovering all the foodie spots in town, making friends with the locals and even watching a movie at the Tropic Cinema. Key West should definitely be high on your vacation wish list and if you ever make your way there, don’t forget to order a pulled pork sandwich at the Blind Pig food truck, you won’t EVER regret this! ;)

Thank you The Gates Hotel for another AMAZING week in paradise!!!



39 thoughts on “ON ISLAND TIME

  1. Oh.my.gosh this looks like a dream. I have never been to Florida Keys, let alone, Florida, but I have always wanted to go. Now you have persuaded me to visit because this Island is beautiful! All of your pictures are so great and the food looks AMAZING. I thought you had great vacay style throughout your trip and a lot of fun with your friend. Great post and thank you for sharing these great photos!

  2. Ha, took a picture with lines above the head of the model and everyone went gaga. Never going to let anyone make me feel bad about my pictures anymore, lol.
    See you guys had an absolutely wonderful time Andy.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  3. this trip looked amazing on your snapchat and even better in these pictures!! Love all the bright bold colors and the light wood accents <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

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