AndyTorresBlushJacket5 AndyTorresBlushJacket6 AndyTorresBlushJacket AndyTorresBlushJacket2 AndyTorresBlushJacket4 AndyTorresBlushJacket3I’M WEARING  >>  Jacket: Ganni  |  Jeans: Vintage Levis  |  Bag: Gucci  |  Sunnies: Prada  |  Shoes: Topshop

Seems like finding the perfect pair of vintage 501 Levis is nearly impossible. They are always too tight, or too loose, or they look like Mom jeans, unless of course you find yourself in the position where someone tells you they will custom fit them exactly to fit your body -and butt, lets not forget the butt. This is exactly what happened to me while I was in Palm Springs for Coachella with Levis. I was slightly skeptical but once they were done, I literally didn’t want to take them off. Its ironic how in the past few weeks, all I seem to want to wear is the oldest most classic stuff I own, like my old pair of Converse, Doc Martens, old jeans and vintage band t-shirts. Ahhh, the simple things in life…


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  1. Finally I found someone I can relate regarding the 501. It seems impossible for me to find the pair I would embrace, I’ve tried a thousand and every time it’s the same : too tight, too much like Mom Jeans, and that’s not the look I want to achieve! I guess I’ll have to made it custom like yours or find a really good pair into a Vintage store – because I can’t handle the 501 CT. Plus, your jacket is just amazing, the color is perfect! x