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I have been looking for a VERY long black coat (as in almost floor length long), but being 180cm tall makes “very” long coats look not so long on me. This coat is the longest I have found so far so it will have to do for now. I have this thing that whenever I buy things, I immediately think of ways I could change them to improve them, make them more personal and in some cases, ruin them (has happened a couple of times). As soon as I laid my eyes on this coat, I thought of doing a DIY and change the buttons for starters, maybe those really big gold military style buttons that would make the coat look 10 time more special, am I right?. But 1) I have been too lazy and 2) I haven’t found the right ones yet. I will make sure to show you if I do though!


69 thoughts on “NOT LONG ENOUGH

  1. Hey,
    I often do shopping on some polish website with clothes from young designers. I found some longer coats, check them:,klaudia-markiewicz-czarny-welniany-plaszcz-vice-city-z-opalizujacym-pasem, here model is 178cm,nrth-by-zoe-plaszcz-welniany-solider, model – 175 cm,si-mi-plaszcz-candy, model – 178cm.
    Some of the brands from this site are small so maybe they would do for you custom (longer) coat :)

  2. Great article :) I love your style and I keep following you on instagram and snapchat you are very inspiring. This also might be interesting for you

  3. I jussssssssssttttttt love the way u talk n do everythinggggggg you are so freaking beautiful OMG ! just love watchng all of ur blogs,insta n most of all snapchat all the time, how everything looks so goood on you(hehe) but love you so mch n lots of prayers from Pakistan.Do visit here someday :)

  4. Hey Andy,

    I have learned that for coats the best country ever to buy one is probably England. I would advise you to look for British brands because I have found here they do a lot of options. You can also have a look at Topshop Grande line ;).

  5. Yes, I supposed that it’s not easy to find a coat long enough for you , have you ever thought about the idea of asking to a seamstress that can create it for you based on a model that it’s already existing and that you like but longer ?

    Glam Observer

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