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You guys know me, you know that music is my passion, a constant in my life and definitely fuel for me. Going to Coachella has been a dream of mine for YEARS and this year, that dream finally came true. I headed there with the crew from Levis Mexico and I don’t think it could have gotten any better than that group of people. Everyone was amazing, we got along in an instant and we all shared the love for music and luckily some of the same bands that were performing at the Festival.

Day 1 consisted on getting to Palm Springs, checking into the Avalon hotel and heading over to customize some Levis pieces to wear during the Festival. I don’t think I was quite ready to find literally the most perfect pair of Vintage 501’s I have ever worn in my life and you might think I am exaggerating, but I have literally spent years trying on every single pair of Vintage Levis that crosses my path, literally. Not only did I find the perfect pair of 501’s but I also got to customize a vintage Trucker Denim jacket with some patches and quotes I chose, but I have to show you in more detail soon.
The 3 days of Coachella I was feeling so restless to get into the festival, like a little child waiting for Christmas morning. I was waiting for the 4:oo PM shuttle into Coachella full of excitement, with my app ready and a bunch of push notifications of some of my favourite bands schedules during that day -yes I was VERY organised-.

You followed my journey on instagram and Snapchat (I hope) and there were so many memorable moments, like seeing Underworld perform Born Slippy live which was an incredibly surreal moment. I got to see Guns N’ Roses perform and Slash do his thing on stage which is a memory I will never forget. Add to that the fact that I got to see Rufus perform again, The Chainsmokers play Roses, Sia put out the most incredible show, Major Lazer making me dance my ass off and Disclosure killing it on stage. I was literally running around the festival trying to make it to every gig I had on my schedule and even though it was a bit hard because some overlapped, I think I managed pretty well considering.

This Coachella weekend with Levis is going to be very hard to top and I left with so many amazing memories and a bunch of new friends that no only share my love for Music, but also my love for good denim.

See you next year Coachella!!!

40 thoughts on “COACHELLA WITH LEVIS

  1. Hey Andy, que genial que por fin pudiste realizar tu sueño. Coachella también es un sueño para mí
    Pregunta, ¿de dónde es tu vestido rojo? Gracias. :*

    1. I learnt quickly that it was comfort above all over there. You don’t want to be walking and dancing around with blisters and an uncomfortable outfit ;).

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