It seems like Vetements came out of nowhere one day and all of a sudden, it became everything. Everyone wants a piece of it and to be quite honest with you, I just don’t really see what all the fuzz is all about. However, I did become quite fond of their uneven fray  jeans, but I honestly can’t justify paying 1,200 Euro for a pair of jeans, yes you read it right, 1,200 Euro.

I have been super sick with the flu ever since I came back from Coachella, so it has given me some time to have a browse for inspiration. If it all goes well -and I feel better later-, I will spend some time DIY’ing some stuff I have been planning for a while (lace choker anyone?), and I might attempt this “Vetements” hem on one of my favourite pair of 501’s.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?


ph. via Pinterest

32 thoughts on “THE VETEMENTS FRAY

  1. Yaaaay, Andy’s back! :) but this cut on jeans…ugh, smart however to do a dyi and then cut up…with the next trend

  2. Love you are back posting again more frequently! And naaaaay I neither like how they fit. I have been spending some time at the gym and what I want is something that makes me look my progress.

    1. Thank you dear! Its been so busy with traveling lately that I was finding it so hard to cope with posting every day. Im trying to catch up now :)

    1. exactly! TO be honest I don’t love the fit of the Vetements ones, so I rather DIY a pair that fits well :)

  3. Hope you get better, I do love the Jeans but don’t see the need to pay so much, so will definitely be looking forward to seeing you do a similar DIY and that necklace sounds good too!x

    Millie x

    1. Absolutely. Would never pay 1200 for a pair of jeans, trust me, unless they magically take you back and forth in time ;) haha

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