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I’M WEARING  >>  Parka: Storets  |  Boots: Sandro  |  Bag: Lancel Paris  |  Military Jacket: H&M Studio  |  Pants: Storets

This was probably the only snowfall I get to see this year as the climate has been super messed up. First it was too hot for winter, then way too cold and Spring is definitely catching up. Despite it being extremely cold, there is something so magical about snowfalls in NYC, specially walking around Central Park, Am I right?.
I have been sharing a lot with you on social media, specially because I am trying to make it up to you for the lack of posts here. Life gets too busy sometimes and straight after NY, I had to fly home for 2 DAYS, and then fly back to America (LA) for 2 weeks. Now I am in Amsterdam but a little over a week and flying back to the US again. I have been sharing a lot of great music on Snapchat as well and its overwhelming to see how good you respond to me posting music, makes me really happy as music is one of my main passions. I created a playlist for you guys and shared it the other day, but I still get asked for the link so HERE it is again :)


51 thoughts on “PARKA

  1. Never thought that parka would keep one warm but with fur around the hood like this one, I’m sure by layering a lot more would make one look so good in cold winter like that.

  2. ¡Hola! Yo soy una súper fan de Venezuela, me encanta como manejas tu blog y tu trabajo. ¡Eres una inspiración total para mi! btw, tu snap es el mejor. ¡Saluditos!

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