AndyTorresSkatePark5 AndyTorresSkatePark AndyTorresSkatePark7 AndyTorresSkatePark4 AndyTorresSkatePark2 AndyTorresSkatePark6 AndyTorresSkatePark3 AndyTorresSkatePark8I’M WEARING  >>  Faux Fur: H&M Trend  |  Skirt: Mango  |  Boots: Other Stories  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Top: ASOS

This faux fur is one of my favourite things at the moment. Its kind of wild but even straight men have stopped me in NYC asking me where its from, probably wanting to get it for their girlfriends?
I am going through a Pre Fashion Week period where I have to start styling all my looks and doing that for the February shows is no joke, considering I can’t just go bare legged and throw whichever light jacket on. Wearing something warm without compromising “Style” is key, but how do you look stylish and be warm at the same time? That will be something to figure out in the next few days…


73 thoughts on “SAME BUT DIFFERENT

  1. One option is leather pants, very stylish and warm, but that is just for 1 day, no idea for the other days!

  2. Your coat is stunning and all those colors are making me happy! You know, if you just wear that coat (assuming it’s warm enough) the rest hardly matters – you’ll definitely be the most stylish person around :-)

  3. This is so hard to look stylish while it’s freezing the hell out outside! I do feel you girl, there’s something so compelling to throw on a light jacket, but when it’s snowing out there you gotta to find a way to keep style in, and don’t freeze out your fingers! Thinking also about it now!

  4. Uff…that coat is perfection! Specially with this cold damn weather that’s being going on. It’s my first winter experience (I’m from Venezuela and I currently live in France). I couldn’t go bared legged tho…I would die! :P

    Love you Andy!

  5. This look is perfection! The first item I noticed are those fierce over the knee boots. They make your legs look amazingly long, plus the A-line skirt looks great with the boots. I like this multicolored fur as well. The colors look great together and I like that it is your statement piece because it goes perfect with your whole look. Love!

  6. Love the coat! I can totally understand why they ask you where it is from. Amazing pictures! You look stunning. Who takes these amazing pictures if I may ask?

  7. Hell yes, it is so difficult to look stylish and dress warm at the same time!!! That is also always such a challenge for me every winter :P
    Maybe you can show us on Snapchat how you choose your fashion week outfits??? :D
    I looooove this outfit, especially the faux fur is amazing!

    kisses from Vienna

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