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New Year, new everything right? No, Just kidding, but really I feel like that kind of applies to me right now at least when it comes to my personal life, romantic life and so on… I recently moved out from my old apartment and moved in by myself to a new place that I ADORE. I haven’t really finished decorating but I feel like its coming together slowly. One of my favourite features has to be my Bxxlght Box and even though it took me ages to decide which quote I wanted, I went for “Welcome to Paradise”, even though what I really wanted was: “Be Naked When I Get Home”, but I didn’t want to shock my guests, plus I live alone so it doesn’t really apply :P

I have shared some previews of my place on Instagram and Snapchat (StyleScrapbook) and have gotten so many requests to share some more photos so I will get on it in the next few days :)…Hope you are all having an amazing weekend!


55 thoughts on “MY NEW PLACE

  1. I was really excited to see more of your new place. It’s incredible how you mix the modern and the old vintage furnitures, which are quite hard to get hands onto. Well done, and now I’m really excited about moving by myself too! x

  2. Hi Andy, thank you for sharing the glimpse into your apartment; it looks fabulous! I love your coffee table (super creative), and the pictures on the wall – you arranged them perfectly! Looking forward to seeing the pics of the rest of your place :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Congrads! Your new place looks amazing i’m wishing you all the best in the new chapter of your life!
    I’ve been following you for years and remember old posts when you just moved to Netherlands and felt a little bit lonely in Amsterdam and its amazing to see how much you evolved and gained confidence not only make your living there but be independent enough to live by your own.
    (a little sad though to hear about your personal status change, you guys have been together for so long)

  4. Hola Andy, desde que te vi has sido mi inspiración, pero no me deja de sorprender cómo lograste todo esto. Tu apartamento esta súper lindo y tienes una vida soñada porque haces lo que te gusta, además eres divina :)


  5. LOVE IT!! you’ve done such a great work! love the minimalistic design although you have put color and your personal touch!! can’t wait to see the rest :)

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  6. Aah, looks nice Andy! Can you maybe do a closet tour? I really do want to see how your closet with clothes and shoes, etc. looks like haha.


    1. Love what you did to the place. I’m going to copy what you did with the chair with the books on it. Thanks for sharing your piece of “Paradise”

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