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Photos at The Quin Hotel in NYC

New York is starting to feel like a second home, literally. I have been in an out the city constantly for the past few months and its so nice having a place to come back to, specially when its as amazing as The Quin Hotel. I don’t remember ever having a view quite as mind-blowing as the one my room had, plus the interior was completely my taste, like I was in my mini apartment in New York. Again, there is something special about midtown for me and this time I did manage to get up super early and squeeze some sunrise runs on central park, which was literally a block away.
If you are heading to New York, you can’t miss the avocado+toast with poached eggs at The Wayfarer restaurant. Its most definitely the best one I’ve ever had, and I have tried a lot of places! ;)


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  1. Andy, que paso con esas chaquetas y blazers con hombreras que usabas antes? las sigues usando o las puedes poner en venta……..porque yo estoy interesada.


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