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My my, I don’t really know why I forgot to post these photos we shot even before the Balmain for H&M show in NY. As sunny as it looks, it was in fact freezing, ok maybe not freezing but really, really cold. As the whole Balmaination came to an end I am left wondering how you felt about it all, my point being, what did you think about the collection and how quickly everything flew off the shelves. I definitely think there were a couple of incredibly special pieces, that being THIS blazer, which I will probably cherish for a long time, as well as getting the most amazing simple black long blazer that can be worn again and again in so many different ways.
I normally tend to collect at least one piece from these designer collaborations, yet this one was a little more special than all the rest, at least in my opinion. There was something more elegant and striking about the collection, specially the beaded pieces, even though its not what I tend to go for, but I did feel like a million buck while wearing this dress :)


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  1. This collection was incredible, and I feel sad I didn’t get the chance to get my hands on some piece. I was not in Europe so it was a bit frustrating! You’re right this collection had something particular, something that hit the high ranks and that’s what you want when purchasing such a piece! This dress is just amazing onto you! x

  2. I love the look. The boots are killer cool and the dress I fell in love with the moment it appeared. However I only bought one item from Balmain x H&M, the red-black dress, which I will always cherish. Proud to be part of the Balmainnation.

    if you care to take a look,

  3. I was very much looking forward to the H&M Balmain collection (specifically the dress in this post), but alas, I had no idea of the mania that was going to ensue! I was able to procure the red-n-black colourblock dress on Ebay for not too much more than the original price. But holy moly…I understand the love of fashion, but not the frenzy and stampedes I saw over this collection. I still hold out hope that one day I might be able to find this particular dress on Ebay and afford it. It’s such a wonderful sumptuous garment. :)

    – Briana

  4. This look is so fierce. I am in love with your style! And I need that Balmain! Hey you know I found this new digital fashion calendar called and I think you are going to love it. Right up your cool alley!

  5. You look like a million bucks, too – super gorgeous!
    For my personal taste, it was just all too embellished. So while I did blog about it, I wasn’t very interested in the collection myself. Though I know many gals were!! Which makes sense, since it sold out in no time ;-)

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