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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have been going around in circles about getting my own place for a loooong time. It was such a scary thing to become completely independent and I have to admit, there was all of those fears going around and around my head for so long. If you read THIS post a couple of months ago, you might have realised that I have finally got to the point where I had convinced myself it was the time to give the jump.
To be honest, everything moved so quickly, I got a few appointments to see some apartments I liked but most of them were already taken. I had to fly to New York and I basically begged the real estate agent to let me see a couple of them before flying out. I saw two that day, the first one was so beautiful but far too small to fit all of my stuff. The moment I walked into the second one I just knew, I told my best friend; This is my apartment, I just know it.
I walked around and I knew that was the place I wanted, I had seen so many and I had never had this feeling, so I made an offer right away. There actually were a few people interested in the same apartment and they had to make a decision of who was going to get it. I was feeling super stressed and scared of not being chosen, but I had to wait, fly to New York and hope for the best. 4 days later I got THE phone call; You got the apartment!!!…I was alone in my room and I was so shocked and so happy, I literally broke into happy tears and I called my mom right away.

Everything is moving SO FAST now, I got the keys and signed the contract yesterday and I am going to spend the week moving in. I have spent so long looking at endless Pinterest boards about interiors and I have so many ideas of what to do with the place, but I also want to take it slow, so I get the stuff I really want. I am trying to do a mixture of modern and antique furniture so I really have to be very patient to find the right pieces.

I honestly cannot even explain how excited and absolutely terrified I am about this new chapter, but above all, I am so happy I finally faced my fear and I am sure everything will be perfect in the end…


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  1. you are not a letter’s woman, but when you do it you conquer the world.
    let me wish you all the best for this new journey in your life, I believe that everything will be happening in the best way, because you have so much talented.
    I think you will like the new eclectic design :)
    Love you

  2. I am so happy for you! I’m in the same moment, changing home and looking for a new place. But I was’nt so lucky as you yet lol
    I’m very curious to see what you’re gonna do in your interior design <3

  3. *sigh*, my own apartment where I can do whatever I want be it shoot a video till 1am or create makeup looks all day long, lol.
    Can’t wait to get my own space.
    This looks so nice Andy. Will be following to see how you decorate it.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  4. CONGRATS dear nothing beats that feeling :) I run a Swedish decor blog and here are some Swedish vintage inspiration and big No nos in home decor for you :)

    hope you like it and I just found your page here and I LOVE it :)

    Have a great new life in your new home!

    LOVE Maria

  5. Congratulations on your new beginning!
    What a perfect time to begin the new year…your new Apt.
    Enjoy your life in a fantastic city, with limitless possibilities~

  6. Niiiice! Congratulations on your new chapter Andy! I love new beginnings and I can’t wait to see what your new place would look once you start decorating! Have fun decorating!!!

    Lots of love from the Philippines!

  7. Wow, congratulations, Andy! I’m so happy for you! You’re one of my favourite bloggers out there and you remain my constant inspiration. You worked hard to get where you are now and I believe that you deserve the very best girl! I’m so happy you’ve found the apartment of your dreams. That must be SO exciting, to finally get your own place that you can decorate from scratch!

    I love that there are classic doors and windows, white walls and such a pretty floor in a very neutral shade. You can really do everything with it! I’m looking forward to some pics when you move in already and have it decorated the way you want. I’m really curious about your interior taste!

    Lots of love


  8. Andy I am so happy for you! Must feel wonderful. I wish you all the best in your new place. That you make it your home and that maybe when the time is right we get to see a peak of it. With the amazing style that you have I am betoond excited :-) Besos

  9. Wow – you are such a lucky girl. I dream since years of my own happy place in Amsterdam (I´m from Germany – but my heart belongs to this city). So enjoy every little moment. And great jump, dear ;-)

  10. Dear Andy!
    Glad to hear you did a step forward to look for independency; it is cery important and have lots of meaning that you will discover day by day. I wish you luck for all the plans you have in mind and lots of hugs for all the decisions you make along.

  11. Wow, congratulations on this new chapter in your life, super exciting!! Did you buy it or are you renting? It sure looks pretty and I can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Antique and modern sounds great, our own home is a mix of vintage and modern design :-)

  12. HI :)
    Your new place looks amazing – congratulations !!
    I am just wondering what you mean about becoming completely independent. Because you lived with you boyfriend before? Its inspiring to me since I also have some personal thoughts about changing my live right now. Its just sooo scary!
    You are such an inspiration :) Thank you so much for writing such a great blog :)

  13. Congratulations Andy! It’s a big step, but you’re going to love it! There’s nothing better than your own place to come home to! Enjoy!

  14. And I also have such feelings as you describe in that post that u link here, as I also scary to do big moves or changes in life but I want to do it- also move to also another far away place – Usa, but i feel like is harder coz i never been there but I want to move there coz there is my soulmate – i feel he is my soulmate we met online but we not ever met in person lol so that will be interesting right? And when it comes to this thing I now have oportunity to move there and be resident soon next year, that why i also will have to make big changes, I also afraid if will like there in US but from what i see on movies and youtube I like it, and it was always my dream to live in usa but not so vivid dream, that dream was hidden somewhere deep in me and then I even forgot that , then I met my soulmate and wanted go there right away but time was not good, and had to wait… But soon i hope i will go – and you know what, I had few dreams, that were I think premenition dreams. One dream I had when I not even yet met my soulmate, dream was that I am going by some bus in some other country and Some voice tells me that I will live in different country and I have map and a key in hand and then I go out of bus and meeting and hugging someone I love – like someone i already know and am so happy. I think that dream was the indication for me and that I have to wait on that person and that it will be true. In that dream I had a feeling that that voice who talk is like some gardient angel, as in that bus i felt i am alone but with some invisible person-lol.
    Wish u great new begging in your new chapter of life!!!

    1. If you see her instagram post on this, and the electricity socket in the house, you see that her new apartment is in Amsterdam…

  15. Congratulations ,it is something indeed,it was the same for me and I can’t believe I did this step even today.

  16. What a gorgeous apartment! I am currently saving for my own place, I can’t wait to have all the money together to put towards my dream apartment.

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