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I shared a sneak peek on my feature for H&M Life “Everyday Icon” on instagram last week, but I wanted to show you the whole shoot + you can find the full interview HERE :).
I am in full Christmas break mode now, currently at home in Mexico with my family and doing very little apart from eating -a lot- and trying to squeeze some workouts at my grandparents garden. What are your plans on the holidays?


37 thoughts on “ANDY TORRES FOR H&M LIFE

  1. Live this shoot! You look amazing. So happy that you are home for the holidays. Have a great time! Ill be with family in the Netherlands for Christmas :-)

  2. Hey gorgeous, I have just seen your TED talk ( I know- talk about belated) anyway I just wanted to say that I am genuinely so impressed by you! You have a drive and passion that I see in myself and I know one day with much dedication and hard work, I can create my blog to where I want it to be. So I am taking your advice, leaving a comment to say HEY check out my amazing fashion blog!!
    Thanks for constant inspiration, Keep doing you girl!

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