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I teamed up with FAY on their latest “Double Life” campaign, where I had the chance to style one of their new women’s coats and adapt it to different occasions in my daily life. I very often have to change during the day because of meetings or events in the evening, so its important to stock up on versatile pieces that I can take from day to night and that can adapt to different styles.

Grey doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring colour and its a great base to add colour into it when needed. I love tis coat because it has such a classic cut, I love the high neck and the leather details on the collar, plus its a great piece for transitioning from Fall into Winter.

Do you often invest on basic and versatile pieces, or you are more into impulse trend shopping? Its ok, I do both :P


43 thoughts on “FAY DOUBLE LIFE

  1. Definitely in basic and versatile pieces… last black friday I bought a lot of knits to wear this winter. I like some geometric, but in a month I’ll get rid of with it.

  2. Love grey. I love muted solid colours so it’s definitely one of my fav.
    For now, I usually just make purchases on a whim but I’m looking to change that by starting out with a capsule wardrobe. Really looking forward to trying it out.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  3. Gorgeous minimalist coat! I actually find gray far from boring, I love its warm hue (am also a big fan of concrete for interiors) and, like you said, it’s versatile and goes with just about anything. Nowadays I try to invest more in basics, but every now and then I do end up with a weirdish item that is completely the opposite ha ha ;-)

  4. Love this coat!! I think it’s good to have a little balance. I definitely invest in versatile pieces like coats and bags. But then again some pieces are suited for trend/impulse buys like a fun skirt or what not :)

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