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Mexico, my beloved homeland where I was born and raised. I consider myself lucky to be from one of the most beautiful and diverse countries, with some of the best food, friendliest people and if you’ve ever been there, you will probably agree with me.

I spent an entire week at the El Dorado Casitas Royale, enjoying from some of the best food, weather and views the Riviera Maya has to offer. The hotel was all inclusive so I basically spent the entire week eating, trying all of the restaurants in the resort (I dare to say there were over 12 restaurants in the property) and some amazing beach bars as well. Other days I took some time off and had small road trips to the pyramids in Tulum and Coba, which is a MUST activity if you are visiting the Riviera Maya!. Last time I was there I was around 7 years old so it was such a surreal experience to see them as an adult.

I had the most incredible time visiting that side of my homeland after so many years and The Dorado Casitas Royale was basically as close to paradise as it gets (but you probably gathered that if you followed my trip on instagram). Early morning runs on the beach, followed by amazing breakfasts, to days spent at my own beach cabana, swimming in the see through caribbean waters, drinking pina coladas and snacking on ceviche. Definitely a trip to remember and hopefully to be repeated soon!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the images coming later today!

EDIT* You can check the second part of my diary here.


38 thoughts on “MEXICO PART l

  1. I was in Tulum for a week too, this Summer, and sincerely I agree with you, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The culture, the people, beach, warm water, snorkel… gosh, I want to be there soon again, but for now I think I’m going to visit Spain, because they have beautiful islands too.

  2. Andy, this place seems like Paradise!
    It’s definitely on my list as Tulum. I need to go there ASAP!
    Yea, I followed your trip and you made us envy your trip and the amazing discoveries along the way! Thanks for the virtual moments and trips! x

  3. I saw you at the Dorado Royale, but i was to shy for say hello anyway was fantastic to see you, I follow your blog a couple years ago so I feel so happy to see my favourite blogger in the week of my wedding I spend 2 amazing weeks there and was amazing xxxx

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