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Snorkelling the Dos Ojos cenote has been a highlight for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been dreaming of visiting the cenotes and it finally happened!. I really do recommend taking a detour from your schedule if you are ever visiting the Riviera Maya in Mexico and check out the cenotes. There are literally tons of them around but do some research of which ones are the biggest and best to visit, try to go in the morning to avoid crowds and be ready to be completely blown away in awe.

This was the Cenote Dos Ojos which is basically 2 cenotes in one, plus an incredible underwater cave which I wasn’t able to shoot, as you have to dive to get there with complete snorkelling gear and its also quite dark. I suffer from a tad of claustrophobia so getting to the cave was a complete challenge for me, but I managed just fine. Once we got there I was in such shock of how monumental it was inside, I forgot about everything else…


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