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Behold the best Summer of my life so far! I mean, WHAT A SUMMER!…I wanted to separate these images in different posts but I loved seeing them all together, brought back so many unforgettable memories from The Yacht Week in Croatia at the end of July and I am considering printing all of these and putting them in an album, seriously!

I can’t remember ever seeing water as clear and as blue as I did in Croatia , complete clear and clean, a freaking dream to swim on. What an amazing group of people on our yacht, the perfect company to spend 7 days sailing around the Adriatic sea. Our trip basically consisted on sailing around the islands, stopping at incredible coves to swim, eating lunch on board our yacht and partying on different islands every night. Not for the faint hearted I tell you, but its an experience you won’t ever forget!

Huge thanks to The Yatch Week, to our superhuman -absolutely know it all- skipper Dane Keller, which made the trip so incredibly fun and Rebecca, Danielle, Sarah, Ralph, Rich, Tori and Riley for being the perfect crew to sail around with! <3



  1. What colors, what photos, what memories!
    Summer is one of the best moment of the year, and I totally get you: I print and then scrapbook them, because I don’t want to forget! The Yatch Week is def something I’m going to try next year! It seems like it’s such an amazing experience Andy! x

  2. oh. my. god. that pink swim suit in the first picture is EVERYTHING. and the rest of the pictures? speechless. all seemed incredible, glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Wonderful photos! I’ve never looked into Croatia as a holiday destination (for no special reason, just never occurred to me), but it’s definitely on my radar now :-)
    You have such a fab collection of swimsuits!

  4. Awww, so many sweet memories from your Summer :) crystal clear warm waters are the best for the soul. I love being a mermaid whenever I can and stay in the water for hours relaxing and just having a good time :) I loved you photos Andy, and they all go along very well in the same post :) xx, Regina **

    Alana & Kyra

  5. I’m glad that you enjoyed my country :D
    We do pride ourselves with natural beauties such as clear water, fresh air, undisturbed wild life, lots of green forests and much more. I would encourage you to visit other parts of Croatia too as it has much to offer. From historical monuments( roman colosseums,castles,old towns…) ,nature (Plitvice lakes, Kopacki rit where in one season there is a huge lake and in the other green fields with horses roaming free and so much more) to fun activities( hot air balloon flying, cayaking on fast cold rivers in the mountains, lots of events with historical basis,horse riding through forests, bungee jumping and lots lots more). :)

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