As a teenager track and field athlete back in the day, long distance running was one of those extremely frightening things I would always beg my coach to leave me out of. I remember the first time I was supposed to do a 1500m race, I literally didn’t sleep the two nights before the race. I was terrified at the thought of having to do long distance running. In hindsight, this fear was completely ridiculous, I mean, all I had to do was run, thats all. A few years down the line, I finally overcame my “fear or running” and on any given day, I go for a casual 8 kilometre evening run, just for leisure.

I understand why so many people have a “fear of running”, or the idea that running is “so hard” and the truth is, the first time you decide to go for your fist long distance run, yes it will be hard!. Your lungs will burn and you will be out of air in no time, so you might be wondering; Why bother? Well I have a few very good reasons:

1) You can do it practically anywhere .
2) It will improve your cardiovascular endurance and obviously health.
3) You will become fit quick and stay fit.
4) Its one of the fastest ways to loose weight.
5)It will help you reduce stress (which is one of the biggest reasons why I do it).
6) Its a good way to help you disconnect from the digital world every now and then. (I love running in the forrest and forgetting about my phone for a little while)



  1. Start slow and with short distance but START somewhere!. (Don’t go for a long distance the first time you run, it’s not a good idea. Build your endurance over time, so run a distance and speed you and your body are comfortable with.)
  2. Build yourself a killer playlist to listen to while you run!. (You would be surprised as to how much difference it makes when you listen to upbeat music while you run. It really helps to push you to keep running!) -I have my own Spotify running playlist which you are more than welcome to follow as well >> RUN!
  3. Try to find a running buddy. (I normally run by myself because I am comfortable with my own pace and I like having that time to think, but it does help a lot to find a friend who is equally enthusiastic about starting to run and who makes you feel like you are not alone in this. Try to keep the chit chat to a minimum though, you need to keep your breath! ;)
  4. Try to keep your progress on an app on your phone, this way you will be so motivated to see how much you have improved -time and distance-. (I use the Nike+ app where I keep track of all my runs, times, distances and the best part, you also have the maps of the routes you follow).
  5. Think of the end goal!. ( While you are running, when you are getting all sweaty, your lungs start to burn and you think to yourself; why the hell am I doing this? Remember how good you will look in that bikini on your next trip to the beach, but not only that, how cool will you feel when you start reaching your distance and speed goals. Theres nothing cooler than overcoming the fear of running and start to become faster and stronger).

Are you convinced already? what are you waiting for? get your playlist and Nike+ app going and lets go running!NewSignatureLongweb


  1. Great tips girl, thanks for sharing! I have to admit that I am not so into running even though I workout daily and do a lot of interval trainings. I don’t know why I guess I am just not used to it and prefer to have short and advanced moves than long distance run:)

  2. I almost forty years old and I love running but lattely I feel lazy to or I don’t have enough energy to keep running.

  3. yes i agree with everyting that you have said and I did know this but i have been lazy or give myself excuses some valid and othes not to get running.
    i live in a smaill seadide rural country town and i want to ask a neighbour to run on the beach with me so i will try and get the first step in asking as I dont like to run or walk on my own.

  4. My first run was indeed really hard. but not as hard as my runs are now after not running for a few years. It’s tough to get into it, but when you do it is so rewarding.

  5. I would love to take a run with you Andy! I’m in the start of my running goals for a couple of months and I already feel the changes! :) Thank you for the tips! You’re always so good connecting with us on your posts… keep doing it!

    I’ve been following you since 2011! You’re my favourite blogger of all time, and my inspiration to follow my dream of creating a blog (check) and keep it updated (trying hard) ;)


  6. Andy I’m so motivated, I started going to gym a month back and I feel so good. Kindly please tell me your jog spots in Amsterdam since I’m going there I don’t wanna lose my motivation for it! I also left a reply on your Instagram hoping you will get back to me :)
    Xo xo

    1. Hi dear! So glad to hear your are so motivated!
      Actually, my favourite place to run in Amsterdam is Amsterdamse Bos, which is a forest on the south, but its not close to the centre. However there is also a park called Vondelpark right in the centre of the city where most people go running. It can get a little crowded there though!


  7. Really good motivation tips. My reason to do it is simply because you can look great and in great shape. Of course you need to eat healthy enough, but this quite a big step.

  8. Keeping track of your progress is one of the best ways to stay focused and motivated. From free apps to paid ones, it makes little to no difference what you use. Sometimes you don’t run to lose weight or to tone the jiggle, you just run to be alone with your thoughts.

  9. Hey paisana, so you used to be a track and field athlete, that explain the long long long and beautiful legs!

  10. Great tips :) I was part of the scared population ahah. Not that I completely overcomed the fear, but in the past month I extended my runs from 2 Km to 5 Km. And for me that’s such a huge deal. For some pepople this may look ridiculous, me saying 5 Km, but for me it’s big thing ahah. xx, Regina **

    Alana & Kyra

  11. Finally getting to catch up with your blog, Andy! And this post came as an amazing treat :) I am a runner and luuuuv running so much and I do agree on the tips you suggested, girl. At the very beginning I also signed up for a 5k run so it did push me to train as well :)
    xox Nadia

  12. Wow you have no idea how convenient this post is! I just started running and was almost discouraged to do it again today but after reading this I’m ready to go! :*

  13. Hola desde Colombia! me encantaría que publicaras más posts con tips y outfits de running, son muy motivadores! besos

  14. Can’t wait to try your tips! Lately I’m also working out but it’s hard for me to keep my motivation up. So this post is really useful to me. Thanks!

    Kisses from Holland,
    Roos (

  15. You are one of my biggest inspirations with the running actually! I just ran my third 5K race of this year! I still find it pretty hard and am still running and walking alot but I’m also super proud of myself for getting out there and continuing. My goal over the winter is to get my time down so we’ll see how that goes. Please add me on the Nike running app! (Michelle Elford).


  16. Love the blog not only for your fashion adventures but also for your posts that refer to sport and healthy life style:))) You’re among very few fashion bloggers who really do sport and not only pose wearing brand sports clothes ;) We’re sharing love for running as well!!

  17. Cool and inspirational post, Andy! Being already a runner myself, I still need to recover from an annoyingly lengthy injury (hamstrings), but after that I really want to improve my time on the half marathon :-)

  18. I think especially the part with the playlist is a real motivation, I have heard it actually increases your stamina by about 30 percent (but don’t pin me down on that). My first-hand experience is, once you’ve started it’s the simplest thing, but to get there is a whole other story…

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