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By far, Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons of the year because I really love to layer, which makes styling so much more fun. I get to play with a ton of different pieces that I don’t get to wear during the warmer months. There are so many more garments to work with and of course, amazing accessories to throw into the style mix! One of my favorite go-to layering staples are scarves: —there are so many colors, patterns, and textures available, you can easily add an extra kick to your outfit with a great scarf and a little imagination.

I’ve teamed up with Burberry and Vanity Fair to style five of my favorites from the new Burberry Scarf Bar which just launched. It allows you to personalize each scarf by monogramming a broad range of cashmere-scarf options in their stores and online. Each scarf is skillfully woven in Scotland, a process perfected by generations of craftsmen. I love Burberry because it’s such an iconic brand, definitely one of my favorites and their accessories are always such a big fashion statement. Check out their Scarf Bar, try personalize your favorites and let me know which ones you went for and how you wore them! I would love to hear what you think.


50 thoughts on “BURBERRY SCARF BAR

  1. Love all the combinations, the black dress. with the yellow pattern scarf is for sure one of my favourites. They all look good way to go Andy :)

  2. Can you give us a breakdown of where the items are from for each outfit? What’s the point of showing us if we don’t know where to get them from?

  3. Hi andy i lov ur style ..😍 Amazing…the way you are i lov ur scarf with hearts its so fabulas😘..u r awesome..

  4. All the looks are so cool, but I especially loved the one with fuchsia jacket (both the outfit and the scarf!). I like Burberry, too, because the history of the brand is just so interesting. But I think if a brand starts with being practical in mind, it has to be a success! I’m still a student so splurging on a scarf isn’t possible for me just now, but when I get a job, I’m definitely going to invade a Burberry store :D

    Wishing you an amazing day


  5. Your picks were amazing Andy :) I loved the scarf with the hearts, it’s so adorable. All the loks were flawless!! Xx, Regina **

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