72 thoughts on “BE READY IN 5

  1. Hi Andy,
    in your snap yesterday or the day before yesterday you were on the road to LA and you filmed with music in the background, can you give me the playlist one of them remains in my head but I loop can not find it,
    please do it would be super nice of you,
    continues like this I love your style and your simplicity,
    hoping an answer from you
    kiss kiss (sorry for the bad translation)

  2. Hola Andy! Estoy que muero porque llegue la colección a H&M, quisiera preguntarte si sabes donde puedo ver la lista de las tiendas que recibirán la colección porque leí que no en todas llegara, estoy en México y si no para planear un viaje a USA a algun lugar donde si llegará.
    Espero me puedas ayudar, de antemano gracias!

  3. Personally, the womenswear pieces are far too embellished for my taste and style, so I tend to gravitate towards the menswear items (more minimalist and I’m liking their coats in particular). However, this dress looks absolutely smashing on you and I can imagine this being your favorite!

  4. well, I wasn’t really sure about this collection at first sight, because I think the pieces aren’t that suitable for daily use. But you look gorgeous in that dress. I guess, these pieces are perfect for a special event or a party.

    Lenn from http://www.fridoandlenn.com

    1. I think they’re also “collecting” pieces, they are not things you can wear often you are right but they are so incredibly special!

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