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I am SO EXCITED to finally release the images we shot with H&M in New York City, building up to the launch of the Balmain for H&M collection in stores Nov. 5th.

I have been obsessed with Balmain ever since Christophe Decarnin brought out those incredible military jackets and dramatic shoulder pads in 2009. I basically DIY’ed everything that crossed my path to look like that Balmain collection, so when H&M approached me to do this, I was so freaking excited to be one of the first ones to wear and shoot the collection that resembles it so much!

I will be attending the show in New York tonight but you can watch the Live Stream HERE or follow the #HMBalmaination hashtag on instagram to follow whats happening at the show!

P.S- Theres more to come! ;)


Photos by Richard Nicholls

96 thoughts on “BALMAIN X H&M

  1. I loved these pictures. Balmain looks so perfect on you… I still remember you have a blazer with the big shoulders… I think I bought one at 2009, because I saw on you and I loved

    1. Thats amazing to hear! I still have those blazers and they have surprisingly kept too well throughout the year! :)

  2. Oh my, those shots are incredible. They translate exactly the power of the piece of clothing you’re wearing, and as soon as I’ve seen it I knew it’s going to be one of the best piece in the collection! I love the atmosphere of this collection, and you’re just stunning gurl! x

  3. Looking gorgeous as always and great photoshoot!!
    Know you don’t do beauty, but what see the secrets to your amazing skin?


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