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If you follow me on social media, you might have already noticed what happened last night at the Balmain for H&M Show. I can’t stress this enough, I AM SORRY for all of my Backstreet Boys spam. If you don’t follow me on social media and this is the first time you hear this, yes its true; the freaking Backstreet Boys were performing last night, nobody knew, it took us by complete surprise, they walked right next to me and it took me a couple of seconds to realise what was actually happening. I was in complete and total shock.

Let me put it this way; from the age of 12 or 13 I became obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, in my defence, it was the 90’s and I was a kid. I was IN LOVE with Kevin – you don’t understand-, I knew all their lyrics, had all their CD’s, collected posters, knew everything about them, hardcore fan and I am a little embarrassed to admit. Time went on and I got over it. Last night at dinner before the show, we were joking around trying to guess who would perform at the show, I was on instagram while we were talking and clicked on the New York geotag by mistake. I saw Kevin Richardson was in New York and screamed, its the Backstreet Boys! I bet its them performing tonight!. Then I realised how ridiculous that sounded, everyone laughed and I was like; no, they can’t possibly, right?
The show ended, some dancers came around and started performing. I was in the middle of doing my first Periscope live-stream, I was about to turn it off when I heard someone scream: The Backstreet Boys!. I was in such shock (you can probably still see the video on my periscope account), I was screaming; WHAT?! Is that the Backstreet Boys!?!? I KNEW IT!, I KNEW IT!, I TOLD YOU!.
I have spent the ENTIRE day singing all of their songs in my head, surprisingly I still remember ALL of the lyrics, God, so cheesy, SO GOOD!

It might take me a few days to recover from the shock, but until then, I will enjoy from the one and only time I have EVER been starstruck because its true, after all, my childhood dream of seeing the Backstreet Boys came true last night.

Damn Lucky Girl!


70 thoughts on “BALMAIN X H&M PART 2

  1. Pls don’t kill me yet but I’m on your site for the first time ever and I LOVE IT!.
    Like you, I’m a Backstreet Boys confirmed disciple and I guess they truly are the only ones that’ll ever make me starstruck. I didn’t like Westlife much cos it just seemed like they were trying too hard to be like Backstreet Boys.

    Love your site and I’m glad to be here.
    *bookmarking right away*
    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Dam lucky girl. Yea you’re right. The Backstreet Boys. OH MY. This had been a shock, when I knew that was them! I’m a 90’s babe too, so I totally get you! I was so freaking fangirling over them! Should we just shut this out? I don’t think so and I admit I found myself in your excitation!
    Plus, those shots are amazing because they show how the Balmain girl is about empowerment, power and inner confidence. The story being told through these shots is amazing. Love love love! x

  3. Please, could you tell me if the pieces are exactly the same number or you had to buy more than usual? Tenhos doubts, because we always stay at 34 and 36 and on the day of purchase do not know what would be the most right for me, Thank you

  4. Hahaha, yes it was a lot of the BB on your social media, but I didn’t mind because it was the Backstreet F* Boys!!! I love them, I had a huge crush with Nick hahahaha :D

    Love you Andy <3

  5. Andy I could share every single words you’ve written down on this post.
    I have them on my spotify playlist and I am I still have goose bumps when listening “That’s what she said”.
    I am 29 years old and they have been the soundtrack of my adolescence and I liked Kevin too, Nick was too mainstream hahaha!!
    Ciao Andy!

  6. ¡JA!

    ¡Amé todo el fangirleo que te dió con los BB! y puedo imaginar la emoción, más cuando ya han pasado tantos años, es como sacar algo del interior y dejarlo que viva ese momento para el cual estuvo dormido todo ese tiempo.

    En las fotos, te ves divina. Saludos.

  7. OMG!!! you’re super lucky Andy. I was also obsessed with BSB in my teenage, but my favorite was Nick, haha… I still remember the lyrics and love their song.

  8. So fab! You look amazing. Haha I used to love the Backstreet Boys when I was a kid too, they were my favourite boy band! To this day if I hear a Backstreet Boys song playing somewhere I’ll start singing along! x

  9. That’s possibly one of the best surprises ever! Lucky girl!

    As for the outfit, I adore that shade of green- I’m absolutely in love with it and I definitely want a pair. Normally I have that color in a top but I love this as bottoms as well- and even better, it looks awesome with gold jewelry, it’s so complimenting!

  10. I so got you girl ! I wish I was there to go down Memory Lane and my sweet teenage years.
    How was Nick ? Still looking good ? ;) He was my favourite for sure ahah

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