AndyTorresBurgundySweater4 AndyTorresBurgundySweater5jAndyTorresBurgundySweater2 AndyTorresBurgundySweater3 AndyTorresBurgundySweater8 AndyTorresBurgundySweater10 AndyTorresBurgundySweater11 AndyTorresBurgundySweater6 AndyTorresBurgundySweater7 AndyTorresBurgundySweater AndyTorresBurgundySweater12I’M WEARING  >>  Jeans: Re/Done Vintage Levis  |  Sweater: MiH  |  Bag: Saint Laurent  |  Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger  |  Watch: Larsson & Jennings

The struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect “peachy bum” vintage Levis, really. This sounds like the ultimate first world problem and it is, but hey, we ALL want to find the perfect pair and wear it until it’s so run down, your Dad will ask you if you don’t have any money to buy new jeans, just to hear you say; “Dad, you don’t understand, this is how you are suppose to wear them”.
Anyway, my search is over at least until I find myself a second pair, but this pair is everything I was looking for. Thank you ReDone for making my vintage Levis dreams come true, really! ;)


55 thoughts on “THE JEANS

  1. I love those jeans and they really fit you perfect. Since month I am on the hunt for them, but I hesitated so far because I have to order them in the US. Where did you buy them? And do they fit true to size?

    Thanks :)

  2. Nice Watch – probably the best I have seen you wear in a while. Will we be seeing this paired with another one .. or two? I love that look!

  3. Hey Andy,

    you look really great and rock the jeans your way.
    Could you please tell me which fit you chose and which size you’re wearing… many thanks in advance.


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