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I’M WEARING  >>  Jeans: Levis  |  Shoes: Ferragamo Varina flats  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  T-Shirt: H&M men  |  Leather jacket: Ganni

I have to admit that I do prefer styling Autumn looks, with this I am not saying I don’t prefer the Summer, but when it comes to styling, the more I can layer, the more creative I become. This is a very basic summer look, not much thought into it yet still one of my favourite things to wear during the warmer days. These jeans have been a constant in my closet because even though I just recently got them, they still have a vintage vibe to them, I did cut the bottom seam myself though ( just in case you are looking for them at the Levis store, the bottom doesn’t come like that).


72 thoughts on “SUMMER STAPLE

  1. Finally getting to catch up with your blog, Andy (post-vacation daze). Love this look & how simply + versatile it is. There is always that one pair of jeans that are just our all-time faves ;)
    Thanks for popping in at my wee blog – it means a lot, girl. I would defo appreciate your comments and opinions.
    xox Nadia

  2. Beautiful outfit and photos! I love some of the angles of the shots! Also, I just posted a blog post about my 3 favorite bloggers, and you’re one of them! Thanks for inspiring me :-)

  3. That leather jacket is glorious :-)
    To be honest, I hate autumn and winter; the cold and short days make them hard to like, playing around with layers is a bit of compensation but I really can’t wait until spring is back again!

  4. I prefer styling autumn looks too, adore the layers! :)
    Love these kinds of casual outfits and those flats are just too adorable and special!

  5. Dear Andy.

    I am not a big fan of Fall, especially in Moscow, especially with all wind-rain stuff but yes, mixing Fall looks is a great deal! And I think I do it much better than Winter and Summer (layers do win haha)
    And I want to say that I love with simple but very cool and comfy outfit which is great for an everyday basis. And what is more – the location is just stunning! <3

  6. Wow, so I’m not the only girl I know who buys at H&M men’s department. You look cool! And I agree on what you said about fall fashion – it’s much easier to be creative when temperetures go down! During summer I tend to live in jeans + t-shirts combo (basic, I know, but so effortless!).

    Have a great day


  7. Autumn is definitely the perfect season to “play dress-up”, but I love Summer for the shorts, bikini, tank tops and crop tops that I can actually wear outside the house! I love your look – it’s simple, but with pieces that can totally elevate your look!

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