Singapore3 Singapore5 Singapore Singapore6 Singapore7 Singapore4 Singapore2I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: ZARA  |  Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  Shoes: Mango  |  Sunglasses: Rayban

My my! Feels like forever ago but it hasn’t been that long since I was in Singapore. It was my very first time in South East Asia and I feel completely and utterly in love with the City. Singapore is one of the most incredible places I have ever been to and I cannot wait to go back!


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  1. Hi there Andy,

    I’m Rehana from Singapore. I am totally interested in your fashion blog. It is awesome. Would like to be like you one day. I heard that it takes a lot of effort to do it. But I am not sure how to start. I’m afraid that I couldn’t trust myself to go a very long way. At the same time, I always remind myself that effort always pays. Anyway there are some questions that I would like to know out of curiosity if you don’t mind. and btw i am not an interviewer or something. really.
    okay here goes nothing.

    May I know how long does it takes for you and your blog to be known from people?
    So you are now some how like a fashion communicator ? or still the same as a fashion blogger?
    Did you design your website yourself? honestly it is so pretty.
    Your first post/blog, how do your blog gradually improve? getting help my your friends or just by yourself? and how do you start by?

    I think thats all I can remember to ask you. I really really need your help.
    Its my future, I can’t really see it. I hope for your reply.
    Thank you.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Gah, I still need to go to Singapore one day soon! Having been in Malaysia twice, I can’t believe we managed to skip Singapore which is sorta like a stone’s throw from Malaysia ;-)
    Your dress is super cute, as is that bag!

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