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The moment I stepped a foot in Singapore, the moment we started driving into the city my jaw dropped to the floor. I had never been to South East Asia before, although most people told me Singapore was a more “western” version of it.

This is by far one of the most incredible places I have been, so clean, so organised, so spotless. It seems like we were in a movie set, the Gardens by the Bay looked like something coming out of the movie Avatar, left me speechless.
I tried to captured everything as it was and I did post a ton on instagram, but its only when I see it all together in this diary, that it really reminds me of what an incredible time I had. If you have never been to Singapore, I highly recommend to give it a spot in your Bucket List. You will never every forget this place. I know I won’t…


47 thoughts on “SINGAPORE DIARY

  1. Whuaa Andy, you should come to Indonesia!
    We have lots of good food, best view and beaches.
    Like Bali, Lombok, Derawan and many more
    Please come to Indonesia :)

  2. ANDY and you should also visit the neighbour MALAYSIA (hub city is KUALA LUMPUR) !!! we are truly representing Asean hehe and ur fans are here as welll!! warghhh n includes me ………

  3. Hey!
    I’ve just got back from Singapore. I only spent a few days but I absolutely love the city.
    Looks like you had some gorgeous weather there too. Loved your pictures, must put mine up soon.
    Kirsty x

  4. This looks so amazing! The first image with the view over the city just blew my mind. I have wanted to travel to Malaysia and Singapore for such a long time now and this just makes me want to even more. Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time, love the photos! x

  5. Ha ha, I actually meant to ask you yesterday when I saw the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the distance: did you check out their infinity pool? Judging by these beautiful photos, it looks like you sure did ;-) . The food shots are making me mighty hungry now! Thanks for sharing, Andy, I’m now off to scribble “Singapore” on my bucket list!

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