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Every single season I find myself having the “Closet full of clothes, Nothing to wear” syndrome. I have spent SO MUCH time in swimsuits and cut offs this summer, that thinking of transitioning to Autumn -which might happen a lot sooner in Amsterdam- makes be a bit anxious. I do enjoy styling during the Autumn, a lot more than the Summer but I am in that period where I am re-thinking my style, or more like re-shaping it.

I was doing some online browsing and came up with these photos from Mango’s new “Minimalism” collection and it really spoke to me, so I wanted to share it with you. Having statement pieces is great, but acquiring some really great basics is a must and thats is why I loved these images, because I did not only get super inspired but I am also considering getting some of these for the new season to come.

I also wanted to clarify as I have been getting this question a lot on instagram; As some of you noticed, I am not in New York Fashion Week this season mainly due to two reasons, 1. A trip to the Caribbean in Mexico came up at the same time and to be quite honest, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to that and 2. I have a very important meeting at the American Embassy in Amsterdam tomorrow, one that I just cannot miss -but I will share more on that with you guys later-.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


44 thoughts on “MUST HAVE BASICS

  1. You are always such an inspiration Andy! Love the style you share with us .. It’s always amazing to see how easily you can mix basic-pieces with extraordinary pieces!! you rock!

  2. Those are amazing look, Andy. Definitely timeless staples. I am checking out Mango collection right now. Those trousers, suit pieces and coats are gorgeous.
    Honestly, I would choose Mexico any girl as well girlie ;) I am sure you had a blast. Where did you go? We’ve been to Cabo San Lucas last year and loved every bit of it. Hope the meeting at the US Embassy goes well, Andy.
    xox Nadia

  3. It’s been a long summer where i am… but i can t wait to start getting more covered by that kind of clothes (autumn clothes) and have a new “look”, even i love summer.

  4. Obsessed with this new collection…Very similar silhouettes to my new collection which will be available for preorder in a few weeks :)

    Having a 30% sale on my web store for women’s fashion to make way for the new collection. Use the code “30sale” at checkout to apply the discount. Happy shopping!

  5. I feel ya when you mentioned the rethinking/reshaping part, currently I’m having similar thoughts. I’m very much drawn to minimalism, but at the same time I fear it might be too confining. I’m unsure which direction to take, I guess I’m still evolving (though isn’t that a continuous process, anyways?) :-)
    Thanks for sharing, these are lovely pieces! Also, I would’ve picked the Caribbean over NYFW any time!

  6. I saw the new catalog of Mango a few days ago and this minimalistic styles were a big WOW specially for wearing them to the office (some of them). A pro point is that some are timeless and that all could wear them season after season… so we could get the most of them (yeha!).

    Enjoy the last hours in Mexico Andy! :)

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