LittleIndia7 LittleIndia9 LittleIndia5 LittleIndia8 LittleIndia4 LittleIndia2 LittleIndia12LittleIndia14 LittleIndia6LittleIndiaLittleIndia11I’M WEARING  >>  Shorts: Tularosa  |  Top: Revolve  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Sadly I have never been to India, but for what I’ve heard, if you really want to experience a complete explosion of culture, colours and diversity, India is definitely the place to go. Exploring new places and new cultures is mesmerising to say the least so when I heard that Singapore had a little India, it quickly became top priority on my list.

The whole neighbourhood isn’t as big as I imagined it to be, but there were some parts which really made me feel like I was getting lost in Indian streets, buying some souvenirs, trying to find more comfortable footwear and ending up finding nothing else but Aladdin like shoes  (you probably saw that on my Snapchat :P).
It was definitely short but sweet, maybe next time I can see the real deal. Now, off to Stockholm…


61 thoughts on “LITTLE INDIA

  1. I do remember your Snapchat from that day. Hilarious!
    You actually made me want to visit Singapore, which I hadn’t really even considered.

    Also, love that off-the-shoulder top. I know summer is over but I kinda wanna get one now lol.


    Raven on a Desk

  2. Aw wow what a beautiful looking place, so many colours! I’ve actually been to india, mainly just the north east rural area but still it was just magical, definitely somewhere you have to see!

    Dana || Fashion Dew

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