higobossbespokebag2 higobossbespokebag
Lucky lucky girl, as I am now the proud owner of the new Hugo Boss Bespoke bag. I always keep coming back to a classic black bag and for a reason, they match with everything and this one in particular has that “Je ne sais quoi” that adds a touch of elegance to everything I wear.

Thank you Hugo Boss!


53 thoughts on “BOSS BESPOKE BAG

  1. Hello Andy,

    I was just wondering how the Bespoke bag has held up with use?
    I just bought one (khaki) yesterday, and I already notice creasing in the leather on the front side. Am thinking of returning it, but stumbled upon your blog. Can you kindly let me know how you like the bag after having used it, and how it holds up?

    Thank you!

  2. Absolutely in love with the bag! It’s just amazing and as you say, It’s got that “je ne sais quoi” that makes it elegant af!


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