AndyTorresSingapore4 AndyTorresSingapore5 AndyTorresSingapore6 AndyTorresSingapore3 AndyTorresSingapore2AndyTorresSingaporeI’M WEARING  >>  Skirt: ZARA  |  Bag: Jimmy Choo  |  Top: H&M Trend  |  Sunnies: Dior  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Sort of in Limbo right now. I was going to say that these past few weeks have been a wind whirl but the truth is, it has been the past months, starting in May. I really don’t remember when last I spent a whole week in my apartment in Amsterdam and its been a constant; unpack, order takeout, pack again and fly somewhere else.
I wanted to skip Fashion Week all together this season, because I really needed a rest, I haven’t gotten sick in such a long time but my body is starting to give in a little, yet I am still resisting it. Just came back from Milan on a night flight, had a deadline for a shoot for Vanity Fair and Burberry so I basically spent the weekend working non stop post Milan and at this point, I might or might not do Paris. Everything is sort of up in the air and I just feel like I need a small breather, go on a Netflix binge and stay in my bed for 3 days straight. If only I could… I have missed you though!


41 thoughts on “BABY BLUE

  1. Oh you should take a break soon! Exhaustion could lead to illness and your body won’t be able to fight it off whil being weakened. At least get some vitamins and minerals :D
    And this is so immature,but I really thought it said you need some “Netflix and chill” hahahaha XD
    Btw,that outfit is really cute, both chich and sporty! *thumbs up*

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  3. Sounds like you’ve had quite a few hefty (though fun) months! Do take a regular break, I’ve seen people get a burnout for less. That Netflix binge is an excellent idea :-)
    I love that patchwork skirt and your sunglasses!

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