AndyTorresWestVillage3 AndyTorresWestVillage2 AndyTorresWestVillage7 AndyTorresWestVillage6 AndyTorresWestVillageI’M WEARING  >>   Boots: Mango  |  Shorts: Monki  |  Jacket: ASOS  |  T-Shirt: H&M Trend  |  Scarf: H&M (old treasure from 2007)

This tiny little street is not a part of a set at Universal Studios, even though it would seem like it. Gay street is a small block just next to Christopher Street in the West Village and what happens to be the most picturesque and my favourite street in New York City.

I am finding it hard to get off these (and a pair of black) shorts from Monki this Summer. Its been so hot everywhere I go and even though I have been missing wearing my usual gear, shorts is all I want to wear. Probably should be wearing a lot more dresses than I currently am but there is a trip to Croatia around the corner were I can always make up for it.


64 thoughts on “THE VILLAGE

  1. It really is such an adorable area! I miss NYC so much, i hope to go back again soon!
    I love the scarf with this so much!

  2. Love the West Village! It really does feel like a Studio set there, same as Chelsea…
    I just realized how much I miss NYC and need to go back! :(

  3. I’m such a sucker for simple grey T shirts and the combination of a grey T, denim shorts and that cool neckscarf is so simple and so pretty! Absolutely fabulous styling, Andy! And that street really looks cute :)
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  4. I follow you for a few years now and I must say that you are my favorite fashion blogger :) I love your style! So glad you are coming to my home country Croatia :) hope you will have a great time. Looking forward to your outfits from trip to Croatia ;)

    1. I am so happy to hear this dear and I really can’t wait to discover Croatia! Its been on my list for the longest time! <3

  5. This look is vintage and modern at the same time and this is why I love it! The high-waisted shorts with this blouse has such a 70’s vibe but when combined with this pop-art scarf and this bag the final outfit is so ”today” and perfect!

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