HOLIDAY MODE ON. I just spent 8 days on a yacht sailing around the islands in Croatia with The Yacht Week and naively took my MacBook with me thinking I could possibly post every few days. Not only the internet reception was close to null (even though we luckily got to post on instagram), but the constant motion of the waves would have given me terrible sea sickness if I was to sit and work on my laptop for a while. I can’t remember when last I got this disconnected from the world and it truly felt surreal but very very good. I got home completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that piled up and found over 20,000 emails waiting in my inbox. I have SO MUCH to share with you guys and even though I am off again on Tuesday, I am working non stop this weekend trying to catch up with StyleScrapbook.

God, how I missed you!


44 thoughts on “RADIO SILENCE

  1. I think being disconnected on a regular basis is very beneficial for one’s well-being :-) . The big downside is that work will pile up, but I still think it’s a healthy thing to do!
    That yacht holiday sounds incredible; just like the shade of your swimsuit, so pretty!

  2. Andy, unplugging from work when needed is good for your mind. I once went to a 2-week volunteer workcamp in the middle of rubber tree farm out of nowhere in Thailand. I was totally disconnected from the world. One of the best feelings I have to tell you :)

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