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I haven’t been this excited about a Zara Autumn collection since their 2009 Autumn one (and I remember it clearly on THIS post I made 6  years ago -don’t mind the huge font and overexcitement! hahaha). All those pointy shoulder blazers, Balmain inspired jackets, embellished sandals and so on. I think I own a piece of each, and even though I don’t really wear them anymore apart from THIS leather jacket (I can’t really justify the hardcore shoulder pads), that has been one of the collections I remember the most from the Spanish High Street brand.
I rarely go on shopping sprees nowadays but I do sometimes check the high street webshops to see whats new and thats when I bumped into these new looks for Fall. I was really blown away, nothing too groundbreaking, just plain cool with those extreme bell bottoms -which I already own but I am still waiting for the perfect time to wear them-, the western touch on their footwear and the statement jewellery. I think they just did a really great job with the styling, maybe thats what caught my eye…


35 thoughts on “FROM THE HIGH STREET

  1. I See a Fresh & Complete Style by Zara for the Autumn in the Streets !!! Congratulations for the Post Andy , Lots of Love !!!

  2. oh my goodness, they look so amazing! Love that sweater with slit skirt, makes a great outfit!

    Sophia /

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