AndyTorresPlazaHotel8 AndyTorresPlazaHotel6 AndyTorresPlazaHotel AndyTorresPlazaHotel3 AndyTorresPlazaHotel7 AndyTorresPlazaHotel4 AndyTorresPlazaHotel2I’M  WEARING  >>  Blazer: Sandro  |  T-Shirt: H&M Conscious Collection  |  Skirt: Mango  |  Espadrilles: Sandro  |  Sunglasses: Dior  |  Bag: Meli Melo

Now I officially (or most likely) own a blazer in every single colour, I have nowhere to keep them anymore but I have realised its the one piece of garment I somehow “collect”. Blazers basically look good with anything, they dress up a look instantly and are a great addition to your wardrobe. How do you feel about blazers? Love them as much as me?
Speaking of Blazers, this one is from Sandro, one of my favourite brands and who just opened their own boutique in Amsterdam. Dangerous for my wallet but I am so beyond excited about this!


75 thoughts on “THE PLAZA

  1. I have less blazers that I had before but mostly because I used to wear my black ones clubbing and then would always get drunk and lose them :( But as I am a proper adult now (hah!), this should be happening less and less.

    I’m loving your blue (denim) blazer and how you paired it with the rest of the outfit. Nothing really matchy-matches but everything still goes together so well.


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  2. I like blazers and their dressed up and styling effect, but as I have to wear suit for work, I tend to be a little reluctant to use blazers in my free time. However, I love each and every piece of your outif: the skirt, tee and blazer are so cute and they look great together! :) Have a nice weekend! ;)

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  3. Love how you dress up the outfit with the blazer! I personally have hard time finding the right blazer, but I really want one in white, hopefully will find something soon.

    Sophia /

  4. I really like this outfit post, I can’t put my finger on it, but there is a very retro feel about the styling of this look that I absolutely love. As for blazers themselves, I am not much for wearing them. Lets just say my “bust”, doesn’t really allow me to be as comfortable as I would like.

  5. Blazers a re a basics, and since I’m building up my wardrobe around basics and classics, there’s no way I can live without one! I bough one recently, which is perfect, and is navy. I have so much of them now, I can totally consider that this is the one unique piece, with button down shirts, I won’t be tired to buy! Sandro is such a nice brand, it’s Parisian, and I love going up to their boutique everytime I can! It’s definitely not good for my wallet either! x

  6. The blazer is really pretty, love its nautical vibe but I’m completely in love with your espadrilles! :D
    Have a great day!

  7. You have a special feeling with the retro inspiration. This outfit is totally amazing, adore the 70s style of this suede skirt and how it contrast with the classic air of the blazer. These Sandro espadrilles are pure love, I’m a huge fan of this type of shoes for summer for her unique and cool design. Great photos

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