99 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

  1. Andy, what stunning photos you have here!
    I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I must say you never fail to amaze and inspire me. I look up to you so much and looking into your life motivates me to live life to the fullest. You are amazing and beautiful and I wish you the happiest of birthdays! <3
    I've been following up on your Snapchat as well, and it must be so wonderful to be celebrating in the Hamptons on your special day.
    Have a splendid year and I wish you all the best! Xoxo

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  2. AHHHH! Happy birthday Andy! Have a great day at the Hamptons. Can’t wait to visit NYC in November, I’ll be staying at the same hotel as you. Have fun and eat lots of cake. Today doesn’t counts as a cheat :)
    Please check out my blog! Would mean a lot. Have an amazing time.
    Lots of love. http://pleatsandbeats.blogspot.mx/

  3. Happy birthday to my favorite fashion blogger from a birthday girl:) have a nice day:)

  4. happy birthday to you!!! mine is also today!!!! have a nice day !!! love your blog !!! love susana

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