62 thoughts on “BROADWAY AND 5TH

  1. I LOVE that vintage Louis Vuitton! To be honest, I’ve stopped liking LV because it’s so logo heavy and I’ve never been that big a fan of logos but a lot of designers have been bringing back that very boxy, vintage look and I love the way it looks on an LV.

    Also, those are Balenciaga boots yes? OH MAN I LOVE THOSE. Those are on the top of my MUST BUY list. They’re just such a funky design, something you don’t normally see in shoes. Stuart Weitzman did a cute little Oxford version this summer but when I tried them on, they were a little too stiff. The Balenciaga’s are perfect.


    COFFEESLAG Deal Of The Day

    1. I agree dear, after all these years I still love and wear this boots as often as possible!


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