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Sometimes I come across with a piece that I literally can’t stop wearing just because it seems to make sense with everything else I own. Some people like to fill their wardrobes only with basic pieces, but I don’t think I could ever do that, even though you would see me wearing plain basics if you bump into me in the street while I am home, I still can’t have a wardrobe with only basics. I like my statement pieces -A LOT-, but every now and then finding a good basic that I can mix and match with EVERYTHING in my closet is a huge plus and this is what this skirt is for me right now, the perfect black suede skirt.

Do you have any pieces you are completely hooked with?


50 thoughts on “4 LOOKS 1 SKIRT

  1. I adore the knee-high boots! Just had to get that out there :) They seem to not have a big heel, which is good! I need boots like those, as I am quite tall myself, so big heels don’t work!

  2. I like it very much when a single piece of skirt can give different looks. This one reason I’m a huge fan of skirts! You can always mix & match it like magic! Awesome looks. ;)

    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  3. Siiii! he comprado zapatos ajustados y me los he puesto hasta que me convenci de que jamas estirarian pero los disfrute.muchisimo.
    Saludos de Venezuela

  4. These unique looks with one skirt are each boho, preppy, edgy, and corporate! Love Mango and totally forgot about this brand…will check them out, thanks to you, Andy!!

    I have a sued skater skirt from Reformation that I’ve grown so attached to and I want to wear it everywhere! xo


    adorn la femme

  5. It’s my boyfriend jeans. I couldn’t help but to love it so much. It’s not just comfortable but so easy to style =D I totally agree with you that finding the right piece and one can go a long way with it =)

  6. I love this skirt and it’s awesome that you wear it a lot not only in your life, but also on the blog! I see too many bloggers that seem to have a totally different outfit each time and that’s pretty unrealistic for most of us. I love seeing one piece in different sets. You managed to make it look unique each time.


  7. I love it when garments are versatile! Though I also wouldn’t want a closet with basics only ;-)
    Very nice combinations! I’m torn about which one is my fave: I would say the third or second outfit. The fact that I’m having a hard time choosing is a good sign ;-)


  8. YES I have and it’s my bf oversized white shirt. It’s such a statement and a basic piece! I love it so much. And this skirt is absolutely fantastic. I may buy it sooner than later, since I’m looking for one basic suede skirt for such a long time! x


  9. Lovely post. The skirt is really nice in all of these looks you posted. I know exactly what you mean, eventhough I have huge amounts of clothes, a piece that goes with everything is always a great thing and opens up so many new possibilities to wear old clothes. I wrote an article about just that introducing a plain jumpsuit and a patterned pants as these kind of pieces for me:
    best wishes from Berlin

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