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Every time I’ve been to New York I ‘ve stayed at different neighbourhoods, I guess it helps savour the city better by exploring new surroundings, yet I have develop a strange love for Midtown. This time, my home was the WestHouse Hotel on 55th Street and I couldn’t have stayed at a better place. I guess the appeal of having Central Park just 3 small blocks away is way too appealing for a runner like myself, but midtown does have a certain charm that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.
I absolutely LOVE the WestHouse hotel, because even though it’s just a few blocks away from crowded Times Square, the energy of Broadway and the busy Fifth Avenue, it still feels so serene and so calm, like you were switch off from the buzz of the city while you are in and stepping out into the energy of New York.
Every time I would come back for a rest, I would go up on the rooftop terrace and have a glass of wine and cookies, looking out to the view of all those sky scrapers around and reminding myself how lucky I was at that precise moment. I guess that little routine is what I will miss the most about this amazing place.

These past few days in Manhattan have been incredible, eating a lot of amazing food, walking not less than 15 km a day, spending quality time with friends and throwing some meetings with cool brands in the mix.
Every time I am here, my brain goes on hyperlapse mode, which is so unlike me but I kind of enjoy it to be honest. This place makes you buzz and fills you up with good energy.


55 thoughts on “WESTHOUSE NEW YORK

  1. Oh wow that view is amazing, I am so excited for the day that I get to take my first trip to New York :) Absolutely love the bathroom also, I know it’s a weird thing to focus on but I think it’s just stunning!!



  2. Hey, welcome to New York!;-) Yes, NYC is one of a kind and I am so lucky to be part of it! I love walking around Midtown and feel that hustle and bustle and energy it gives me! There is nothing like this! Great you enjoyed your stay!;-) Visit again soon!

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  3. It is so true. This place fills you with an incredible energy, and you feels like you can do literally anything! Like the world is at your feet, and you need to grab the all amazing things knocking on your door. Let’s be real: those photos are amazing Andy! x


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