I was supposed to post this a lot sooner but with all the constant unexpected travelling, having the time to sit and edit this was almost impossible. UNTIL NOW! :D
This small road trip was such a dream come true for me, mainly because I grew up hearing stories about my Grandfathers road trip adventures across the US and I wanted to replicate one of his countless road tips. I decided to separate this in clips since we travel to a lot of places and ended up creating a ton of video content. I didn’t want to end up with a 30 minute video that nobody had time to watch.
Hope you like it and stay tuned for the second part!



37 thoughts on “USA ROAD TRIP VIDEO || PART 1

  1. I took a roadtrip across the US in 2013. It was also in my bucketlist. I saw a lot of states and cities such as San Diego,Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Chicago, New York etc. It was a great experience. I am still thinking about that dreamy roadtrip when I look at the pictures that I took during the trip. I totally understand your feelings.

  2. I totally didn’t know that it was kind of like replicating your Grandfather’s old trips. That makes it so special, how lovely!
    This is a totally stunning video, it looks so editorial! Loving the light leaks too (I use them a lot as well haha) Can’t wait to see more. Have a good day, Andy! <3


  3. hi andy!!

    finally videos again, i like the editing style and i wouldn’t have mind if the video was 10times longer :) but looking forward to the other(s) one(s) to see.
    one of the reasons i kinda sticked to your blog back than was your videos, i still remember the stylescrapbook birthday message in the park (and a beautiful outfit with your endless legs ^^), the smart car video or even the closet one.

    btw there is alsays an “” included since you guys changed the layout. e.g. in this post ” UNTIL NOW” and you can also see the ‘s in your “about” section. it’s in the web (mozilla) and mobile (safari) version

    all the best!

  4. Hi Andy, I followed your trip on Instagram :) The video is great! I can’t wait to see the others clips. What camera do you use to film? The quality is great and the images look really nice.
    Good job :)

  5. Great video and I bet you had a great time. West coast, best coast! I also like your trenchcoat and the shoes you are wearing! Cool style!

    @tarragona IN: the song is from ODESZA – Say my name feat. Zyra

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