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I tried really hard to fit all the content of my trip to Switzerland into one big post, but then I thought it was such a shame to scramble it up when both experiences where so different, equally amazing but so incredibly different.

Once we left The Chedi Andermatt, we took a short train down the Alps in direction to Flüelen, where a yacht was waiting for us to take us to The Park Hotel Vitznau, which is one of the newest members of The Leading Hotels of the World. I know I was here to experience the remarkably uncommon side of travel, but this commute just exceeded my expectations! The end of Lake Lucerne was our pickup point, I tried looking around and tried my best to capture the beauty of that place on my social media but what I saw there cannot be described, I guess its one of those: “You had to be there” cases. The colour of the water in the lake was the most pure turquoise blue, the small villages on the edges of the lake were as you picture them in fairy tales, the wind made my hair the worst mess you have ever seen but at this point I didn’t care much for looks to be honest.
After almost an hour we started to approach the hotel, what seemed like a small castle on the edge of the lake: “-Are you serious? Are we really going to spend the next few days here?!”. The pictures on this post are indeed great, yet this place has to be experienced, nothing can do justice to how this place looks once you are standing on that pier, looking up and around. The next few days were a complete feast, Swiss paradise if you like. On the first day and before dinner, we had a wine tasting at the hotels wine cellar -which was in fact divided in 6 wine cellars- with more than 32,000 bottles of wine, worth over 26 million Swiss Francs. Impressed much? I was, and of course proceeded to ask a gazillion questions to our wine expert, I really wasn’t shy :P
We proceeded that night with dinner at the 1 michelin star restaurant Prisma, hands down one of the best meals of my life, but that was until I had dinner the next day. We sat and ate, talked, joked, had amazing wine and a view that can’t really be beaten, one very memorable day.
I of course didn’t want to miss out on much, the view from my room was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen so despite not being an early bird, I was up by 6am every morning, walking out to the balcony and staring at the view for a minute; “-I really need to make mental photos, am I really here?” it was quite hard to convince myself to be honest.
We spent the second day visiting a nearby farm with Chef Nenad Mlinarevic. At this point I was so keen and excited to go see the animals (especially those adorable Swiss cows with their bells on their necks!), being in the Swiss nature and of course, eating some more. Once we got back to the hotel, we had cocktails on the terrace by the lake waiting impatiently for dinner at the 2 Michelin star Restaurant Focus by Chef Nenad Mlinarevic, but what made it even better is that we were seated at the Chef’s Table, which means we were right in the kitchen, in the heart of the action where everything is being created. This was hands down one of the most incredible culinary experiences in my life (just when I thought nothing could top dinner the night before).

This remarkably uncommon experience with The Leading Hotels of the World made it hard to say goodbye to this place, the view of the lake, the cosy breakfasts under the sun at the terrace and the swims in the infinity pool. I was left wanting more and craving to come back to Switzerland as soon as possible, discover some more and of course eat some more!…I will never forget this place and hopefully, I will be able to come back sooner rather than later…


Ph by Lauren Michelle Pires

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  1. wooow…prachtig! Alleen kan ik dromen in mijn droomland. Het zou geweldig zijn als ik ook daar zijn. Ga verder dromen

  2. Such a lovely trip, love the photos! I always wanted to visit Switzerland so thanks gor this amazing travel diary, I would live to visit these places.

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