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As I was making some space on my hard drive, I bumped into this shoot from back in September and found all these unpublished photos. I can’t believe I never posted these as its one of my favourite locations and one of my favourite looks ever posted. Anyway, I didn’t want to delete them and decided to give them a new light instead. I often find myself shooting a ton of photos for the blog, narrow it down to a very small few and delete the rest, which in this case I am so glad I didn’t.

By the way, do you recognize this dress? I wore it a few posts ago in NYC, same dress but a completely different look.



74 thoughts on “NEW LENGTHS

  1. Dear Andy,
    These clothes are worn by a woman with style! It is so beautiful how you managed to turn this outfit to something special. With your pictures and your unique way of expression in thepictures you managed to give this post the true “style scrapbook vibe”.
    I have recently also opened a professional online platform where one can find inspiration and wander away from the main path for a moment. I would be honoured if you visit my site
    X Silvie

  2. So inspirig! the boots are lovely! I thought I will never wear boots like these, but now i really got to this. what is this place? These columns look amazing in pictures.

  3. Hi Andy, I’m happy you didn’t delete the photos! I love this look, it has a sexy vibe to it and your legs looks incredibly long!

    I’ve seen the other post and it’s amazing how the whole look can change just by accessorizing it differently.


  4. This amazing outfit is hypnotic. The velvet blue dress by Zara is absolutely amazing, it’s really beautiful and the 70s inspiration is pure love. These Jimmy Choo high boots are insane, they are so rock and cool, they look totally chic with the dress. Great photos
    (old misskeyblog)

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