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I have always struggled with having quite thin and straight hair, even more so when I was a kid. I have tried a lot of volume shampoos and products to make my hair look a bit thicker and every time I am doing a shoot or getting my hair done I always ask for advice, everything I can get to find that perfect product.

The other day I got a tip from a specialist hairdresser about this new Nioxin 3D line, which is a brand I used a lot while I was living in Montreal but rediscovered just in time before I lost all hope. I have been using this Thickening Spray after the shower and before blowdrying my hair and it has really made a big difference! I can’t wait to test the other products from the line and keep you posted on that :)

You can only buy Nioxin at professional hair salons or specialised places but you can check more about these on here and here.


In collaboration with Wella Spain.

16 thoughts on “FOUND THE ONE

  1. What difference is it that you’ve noticed? Is it actually making your hair thicker, or providing the illusion of thicker hair? I’m obviously open to both, as I have the exact same hair texture as you, but I’m curious to know if this works better than any other product you’ve used, or if this is like the holy grail of hair products?

    Thank you!

    Shian | The Fashion Investigator

    1. My hair feels fuller in general. Normally it gets quite thin and straight when I blow dry it and with this it feels definitely fuller!

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