75 thoughts on “DUMBO

  1. Only now that I get to read your interview. Thank you for sharing some tips about blogging. I’ve much respect for you and your achievements in life. You’re someone I look up to. Enjoy the successes you have in life.

  2. Love the interview, especially the part on how you started out as well as the part where you discussed your TED Talk (watched it and loved it). Have to thank you for your argument against ‘ego blogging’, I too feel it is unfair because a lot of girls I think start blogging for the passion, and not to be narcissistic (anyway, one can usually tell whether someone is blogging for the passion or just for the attention). Thanks for sharing the interview!


  3. Just read the interview and watched your TED talk! Super! Thanks for all your thoughts, advice and sharing your blogging experience! My baby blog is over a year old now and it’s great to hear words of encouragement right now! ;-)

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  4. This outfit is absolutely amazing and it looks even more incredible in the streets of New York behind, everything is better is New York. The suede skirt is really beautiful, the 70s inspiration is so cool and the way you wear it with this cute crop top is wonderful. Adore these gladiator sandals, they come back to stay and they are one of the must have of this spring. The bag is pure rock and it’s super chic

  5. Oh wow these photos are stunning, what an amazing location you guys picked! I am obsessed with that skirt as well, I just love the look of it. Heading over to read the article now, and once again, I’m in love with these photos!



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