IMG_9785IMG_9787IMG_9779IMG_9781IMG_9784IMG_9783IMG_9780IMG_9786I’M WEARING  >>  Coat: Designers Remix  |  Leather Pants: J Brand  |  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  |  Bag: Coach

Its already May, which completely blows my mind and feels like the first 4 months of the year went by in a blink, literally. Although it’s May already, Amsterdam has been quite chilly still, even though I was hoping to return to Spring in full swing, bare legs and so on.
I found these photos taken in England a few months ago. I don’t know why I never posted them, maybe because I flew straight to LA from there and they got lost in my hard-drive but since I woke up to a cold and rainy day, these photos fit todays mood to perfection, in fact I am probably wearing just as many layers.


75 thoughts on “THE FORGOTTEN

  1. Haha I was afraid you had enough of your leather pants, had not seen them in a long, long time, but good to see you still wear them! They always look so good on you and seems you can combine them in 1000 different ways!

  2. You seriously have the best style. I wish I had your height to pull off your looks! But I can always try and adapt them haha.

    You are an inspiration Andy <3

    Hannah xx

  3. Adore the contrast between the classic style of this coat and the rock spirit of these amazing pants. These flats are absolutely perfect, the golden details is so cool and they look fabulous with the rest of the outfit. The camo Coach bag is pure love, great photos

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