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Last weekend I started to feel a strange pain in my arms, mostly my forearms, like a numbness. I started doing research about it and found loads of articles talking about how this is an increasing problem in youth due to an over use of cellphones and computers. I am not surprised actually and even after all my efforts to cut down on using my iPhone and computer, well, I couldn’t.
After a whole week of having such a strange and horrible feeling in my arms and hands (some days being worse than others), I decided to go to the doctor, just to make sure. I finally went on Friday and I guess I was somehow relieved to hear it wasn’t anything “bad”, yet it could become if I didn’t give my hands a good rest. The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I know I am not the only one on this boat, I know that most of us spend a huge amount of time on our phones and computers. All this overuse of certain joints holding our phones a certain way and so on, it’s not normal for our bodies, even though it has now become “normal” and part of our every day lives.
This is why I have been a little absent in the past few days, on the blog and social media…I decided to listen to the doctor and give my arms and hands a rest, although its extremely hard to do so and I am always itching to come back here and post something new. I know I’ll probably fail miserably at taking 100% rest but I am trying so hard to cut my iPhone use in half, maybe it could be a very good experiment. Putting my phone down and enjoying the moment will be my new motto. Wish me luck and don’t worry, I will still update, Im not going anywhere ;)

Hope you like these photos from Miami!


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  1. I’m so glad you went to the doctor to find that you only needed to take a rest! Hope you are feeling better after staying off the computer and iPhone. I know you must be going crazy without them, but you will be happy you did just to recharge yourself!!

    Kiss kiss

    adorn la femme

  2. I agree with you, “Putting my phone down and enjoying the moment…” … I try to not use phone or computer after work. It’s hard, but we have to think in our health!
    I hope you get better and by the way, I loved the colors of these pictures!
    Love ya!

  3. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon! Taking it easy is definitely a good idea, personally I don’t have experience with RSI (repetitive strain injury) but from what I’ve heard it takes quite a while to recover from. Better be safe than sorry!

    On a brighter note: very pretty swimsuit and it looks great on you. I love the dark sky, it’s so dramatic and makes the colors stand out more. I might even prefer such a sky above the “standard” blue sky; at least, for photo purposes ;-)

  4. Oh wow, I had never heard of that happening before! But I think arm pains or not, it’s always a good idea to try to cut down on phone time. One time I didn’t have internet access for a week, and never have I slept as well as I did during that time. I guess that says it all, doesn’t it?


  5. I’m glad you actually brought this issue up and share your discomfort with all of us. I have them all the time. I stressed quite easily and it tensed me up especially when editing pictures and staring at my computer screen for long hours. Sometimes my whole right wing area on my back until my neck will go numb or ache till I have migraine. I try to go for a massage once every two weeks to release my tensed muscles and get some time off the screen. It’s true that phones and computers are really destroying us due to over-usage. It’s good that you’re taking time off and I wish you all the best and get well soon.

  6. Yikes! Maybe you could try using a voice recognition software and start speaking more of your posts/texts/emails? And make sure you use a mouse as much as possible instead of the touchpad on your laptop! I’m surprised though with all your running that you would have this problem. Good reminder to be taking care of our bodies!

  7. Andy, years ago in 1989 when we started our design firm we were considered early adopters of digital graphic design. Taking jobs literally from beginning to end on the Macintosh computer and a couple of early versions of Adobe and Quark software was not only exciting, invigorating and satisfying—it was physically challenging. We would ride to our studio on our bikes, across the city of Toronto, work for 9 or 12 hours and then ride home. Both of us developed pains in our arms, elbows and wrists from the repetitive stress of using the mouse and then a punishing ride back to the west side.
    Rest is so important for the stress you describe above.
    I want to quote you our favourite quote by American Arts and Crafts pioneer Elbert Hubbard—
    The mintage of wisdom is to know that rest is rust,
    And that real life is in Love, Laughter, and Work

  8. I have exactly the same problem! A pain in my thumb/ arm. And you just confirmed what I thought, it’s because I am on my phone and computer too much. It seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? We give ourselves pains because we can’t help cheking our instagrams!
    It’s hard to cut down, but definitely needed.

    Love the colours in those photos, absolutely gorgeous!


  9. You made me love the wear of a pink one piece!
    You’re so right. It’s so hard to just cut if off. We’re so used to be always hold on to this little device.


  10. Gorgeous photos.. and that swimsuit is amazing!!

    Yes, taking time off from phones/computers is so important! Especially when you spend the majority of your day on both… It can definitely affect your long term health!!


  11. It must be hard, but taking some time off of your cellphone and computer is always nice and I guess we should all do it from time to time. I even have friends that already have their pinky deformed due to the way they hold their phones. It’s amazing how this problem is affecting our generation.

    Take care Andy and get well soon! Greetings from Guatemala :)

  12. I in past was working as telemarketer and then small finger in hand went almoust all numb it was some nerve demage but i went to doctor and took some ultrasounds on it and it gone, now i also feel some pinching and pins and needles from time to time, and when i lay sometimes all hand go numb and when i sit it come back to normal- something with neck.

  13. Okay take your time to recover. I understand it is hard to refrain from posting and writing. I really couldn’t rest for more than a whole day I think ^^ as for my phone, well weirdy enough I am not an addict, I can spend a couple of days without looking at it (if I am not waiting for an imporant call of course). Oh, love your swimsuit btw ^^

  14. Wow, thanks for sharing this, it can be very helpful to other people. By the way I LOVE the pics, it remembers me when I travelled to Cuba and we have that same background :)

  15. yes you are right about this over using our hands on mobile and computers. I was diagnosed once (4 years ago) and was wearing customized hand brace for 2 weeks. And just a week ago it came back, swollen wrist with excruciating pain that the doctor gave me low dose of steroids for the pain and inflammation. Hope you feel better. Get well soon.

  16. Oh man, I’m sorry this is happening to you, but I give you props for listening to the doctor and doing something about it before it becomes a real issue! I’ve been starting to have a weird feeling in my hands and arms, not so much pain, but just an uncomfortable sensation, and it’s even since I started being on the computer and phone more for my blog. I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but am taking your advice and going to TRY and limit my use of these things a little more too! Thanks for sharing and remind us that sometimes, stepping back from technology and enjoying the moment is better :)

  17. I didn’t know it could be bad for our health. Thanks for the heads up! And good luck on trying to use your phone less, I know it’s hard to lose habits.

  18. I only have problem with my back because of overuse go the lap-top. But, i can’t help it. Lol
    I hope you feel better and pain goes away.

    About the picture. I really like the pictures and that bad weather I think make them even better. ;D

  19. Right? It was such a problem for me. I felt like I would miss something and fail miserably, but it turns out, you don’t. You just start having conversation with people and appreciate things on some other level other than “oh, this is SO Instagram worthy/I better post it before anyone else does/I have to send it to my friends”. I do take lots of pictures, but I limit myself in that I don’t make everything public right away, I rather come home/while i’m on public transport/waiting for something and then do the editing and posting part and also catch up on what everybody else is up to! This time managing really helped me! :) And thanks for taking about it! It really is getting a tad bit too far and painful like in your case!


  20. Rest! Get well soon but REST!
    You’re right, we don’t realise that we need to stop being on our phones and computers… For me the consequences were worse, I’m going to have to wear glasses. My prolonged use of my laptop during the day for the past 3 years has taken a toll on my eyesight… About to turn 19 and already got eyesight problems…

    I love the photos! The contrast of the weather with the colour of your bathing suit – really cool!

    The Drama Queen Confesses / Instagram

  21. I’m actually trying to do the same thing because I’ve realized I started to spend almost every minute on my phone or computer. So I decided to cut it in half and give my eyes, brain and hands a small break :) Good luck to you too! :)

    And love those pictures, stormy sky on the seaside always creates such a beautiful background :)

  22. I love the photos! It looks so great with the bright clear sea and the dark sky in the background ♥ btw the swimsuit is great! :)

  23. You are not going anywhere but where are you?!?! Amazing place and super nice pics with that weather! Great contrast with the color of the swimsuit! You look great! Hope you`ll get better! :)

  24. Oh, I am so sorry that you have these pains. How good you decided to reduce the time with electronic devices. Wish you will recover soon and you look wonderful in the pink suit.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  25. I feel ya! I have a small “ball” on the inside of my wrist from the bad position of my hand while using computer mouse. Doctor told me to take a break, forbid me to use my computer and, of course, I never listened. Good luck with your decision!

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