Fashion Blogger and IT girl Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook in Amsterdam wearing a vintage Lacoste sweater, pink Coach handbag, Karen Walker sunglasses, H&M Studio bootsAndyTorresVintageLacoste3AndyTorresVintageLacoste8AndyTorresVintageLacoste7AndyTorresVintageLacoste9AndyTorresVintageLacoste5AndyTorresVintageLacoste10AndyTorresVintageLacoste2AndyTorresVintageLacoste4I’M WEARING  >>  Sweater: Vintage Lacoste  |  Skirt: Mango  |  Boots: H&M Studio  |  Bag: Coach  |  Sunglasses: Karen Walker  |  Earring: ASOS

These boots have turned out to be quite a special item in my closet. There is something so appealing about over the knee tight suede boots but most of all, I love the fact that they are flat, which makes them extremely comfortable!.

I am spending the whole day packing for New York which I am extremely happy about! And last but not least, I read all of your comments on yesterdays post and I am so grateful that some of you also shared similar experiences. I feel its very positive to talk about it and knowing there’s a lot of you out there going through the same makes me feel like I a not alone in this. I still have the shitty feeling in my hands but I have been trying so hard to put my phone down, hopefully you are doing the same. Maybe lets go for a run instead! ;) 


77 thoughts on “MORNING LIGHT

  1. Haha, Andy, this is so true!
    Going for a run instead is a lot better idea than just sitting beside a screen!
    Obvs this is so hard for us bloggers to put them down! ;)


  2. Wonderful, this outfit is absolutely amazing and you can’t look more great with it. The vintage Lacoste sweater is really cool, it have a masculine style and the contrast with the button skirt is just perfect. Adore these beautiful boots, they are so 70s and super chic. The Coach bag is pure love

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