IMG_9638IMG_9641IMG_9637IMG_9636IMG_9640IMG_9643IMG_9642IMG_9644IMG_9645I’M WEARING  >>  Coat: Vintage  |  Linen T-Shirt: H&M Men  |  Jeans: ASOS  |  Shoes: Opening Ceremony  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Scarf: Versace for H&M

When I came back from Florida, I went through one of those; “My closet is about to explode on me if I don’t do a clean-out now!” moments. I sat down on the floor and started separating shoes in piles;

-Will I ever wear this again?
-I don’t ever wear these shoes, but I will regret it massively if I EVER got rid of them?.
-Ok, these shoes need to go!
And so on…

While I was doing this, I started discovering shoes I didn’t even remember existed in my life; -When on earth did I acquire these?. -Oh shit, these shoes are awesome!. And this is how I bumped into these wooden sole platforms again.
I bought them in Los Angeles what seems like forever ago, perhaps 4 years? And yeah, I am a little over 190cm while I wear them, but they are just sooo cool!


74 thoughts on “AS LONG AS POSSIBLE

  1. Those long legs can go on forever and it doesn’t matter! =D
    Love how you can carry those flare bottom jeans with such chunky heels =)

  2. Oh my Andy, you are so tall with those platforms!
    As well, you are really cool wearing them, and I wish I was 1.80 cm!

  3. Love your choice of details for this combination. Really shows the pont and style of the person! Shoes are totally crazy choice, love it! And beautiful shape of the bag too, great eye for picking it!

  4. Ever since I first saw you wear these shoes on your blog i’ve been completely obsesed with them trying to find something similar but haven’t had any luck just yet! Good thing you found them again love the whole look by the way!

  5. These shoes are pretty cool. I always like to rediscover stuff because it’s like I just went shopping, but it’s free! Also, don’t worry about being tall in heels, as long as you feel good in them, wear shoes as high as you want!!

  6. Always great to see a fellow tall lady rockin’ some heels! They look perfect with those ASOS tall jeans. I’m 188 cm without heels and am known to throw some on from time to time putting me at 198 cm (if I did my math correctly). Love it!

  7. can def relate to cleaning out my closet. I go through those same though process… in the end it feels good tho… love your outfit and your blog design. xx

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