STSC7018STSC7587 STSC7468 STSC7071 STSC7501 STSC7076 STSC7246 STSC7122 STSC7485 STSC7416 STSC7521 STSC7593 STSC7644 STSC7629I’M WEARING  >>  Blazer . Pants . Shirt: Sportmax  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Bag: Sportmax

You might remember me wearing a pink blazer non stop back in 2009-2011. I don’t even remember where it was from, but I do remember it being my favourite thing in my closet and I would wear it with everything and anything. Then my “Blazer Phase” passed until I laid my eyes on this perfect blazer from Sportmax last month in Milan. Why quit a good thing?, I always say and I have been obsessed with blazers, well, ever since I started the blog nearly 8 years ago.


83 thoughts on “STAND OUT

  1. Some of the first posts I remember from your blog were with colourful blazers and I loved those looks so much! This one is a great reminder. Plus I always loved the combo of pink and red.
    You look great! And so does the Duomo.
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  2. Hey Andy! Combining red and pink is tricky but obviously you nailed it ! Really like the fact you chose those shoes, makes the whole outfit look even more interesting! The bag however, I find it to big and dark for such beautiful colors. Either than that…just the regular WOW ! :)

  3. Striking color combo and it looks fab on you, especially against that backdrop (but I take it that’s what you were referring to when you named this post “Stand Out” ;-) ).
    Your photos are always beautiful, often with a refreshing perspective; kudos to your photographer as well!

  4. The suit have an incredible color mix, it’s classic and so elegance but it’s really original too. These Jimmy Choo are amazing, they look perfect with the rest of the look and the bag is super chic. The shooting place is really beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I adore the bright and bold colours. I love the background for this shoot too.


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