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I am very much drawn into all things tropical at the moment. Maybe it has A LOT to do with the fact that I am still on Miami mode but either way, too many Piña Coladas have got me thinking on all things Pineapple. I was browsing some inspiration of how to adapt it to interiors and I decided to curate some of my favourite images from Pinterest.

What are you into in terms of decoration this Spring?


34 thoughts on “PINEAPPLEMANIA

  1. Hi Andy!

    I hear that the pineapple is a sign of welcoming and hospitality so it makes perfect sense to decorate with it!! I tend to love Boston Terriers who are black and white and I would love to incorporate a more minimal look in just black and white with some neutrals to soften it up! Love the pineapple mania post–the photos are very alluring and fun!!

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  2. It’s awesome that you posted this because my mom is OBSESSED with pineapples. Apparently in some cultures it’s a sign of welcome into a home? So our foyer is decorated with a crap load of pineapples, gold ones, ones on the wall, pineapple paintings. Just a lot of pineapples.


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  3. I can totally relate since I’m heading to palm trees and white sand beaches in just a few days :-) . Pineapples make a great print (I love that cushion with the black pineapples!), currently I also love flamingos and palm trees. I’m obviously feeling very tropical ha ha!

  4. Love this board!
    I am totally the same at the moment, but more drawn to palm trees (please everywhere), but more due to the fact that I can NOT wait for summer to be here ;).

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