I posted these here because ever since I posted them on my instagram a couple of days ago, I received so many comments and even emails asking me where they were from. They’re actually not from any online store per se, which means “I made them myself”. Let me explain; I am a little bit picky with the cases I have on my phone and when I don’t like a case, it makes me uncomfortable to use it -if I am making any sense-. When I got my iPhone 6 months ago, it was almost straight after the iPhone 6 came out and there was very limited amount of “designed” cases, so I ended up having to get a simple leather case from the apple store. I of course wasn’t satisfied so I started googling and found a website where you can upload any image you want and basically make your own case, so thats what I did.
There are apparently tons of these websites out there but the one I used is this one.

Hope that answers the questions ;)


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  1. Hi Andy!

    Which color iPhone did you get? Gold with a white front? Would love to know what your fav and easiest to combine model is.

    PS. I’m a follower that goes way back in time btw haha..still love your style. For healthy and easy recipes please check out my site, I hope it will inspire you!


    1. I have the very dark grey model with the black front dear. Its my favourite :)
      Thank you so much for coming back still!


  2. I totally agree there was hardly any iPhone 6 cases originally! I’ve recently bought one from a local supermarket but they’ve only just had some fancier ones in. Still not 100% satisfied though. So I like your idea of doing your own! Victoria x thedaisyjaynes.com

  3. Great idea! Since I’ve changed my iPhone I had such a hard time finding a case I like.
    Could you tell me where you go the beautiful pictures from??
    I’d love to make me the one with the banana leafs :D


  4. Great idea!! :D . I also personalized the phone case I’m using now, but it made it on my own, I’ll show you a post with it soon so you all can try it if you want! ;)

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    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  5. Hi Andy! Thanks for the tip ! Nowadays your Phone is an extension of what you are wearing or your mood…if it doesn’t look good, it’s also like having a bad hair day I guess…I wrote a post about that, if you want to check it out go to:

    Have a great weekend!


  6. funny thing, i went through the exact same process! i got my iPhone 6 in february but i feel like there are still not so many possibilities in terms of cases.. so I also ordered one on caseapp after a few days of my apple store case haha ;)

    x tiphaine // http://www.tiphainesdiary.com

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