Andy-Motage-06 Andy-Motage-08Andy-Motage-04 Andy-Motage-14 Andy-Motage-02 Andy-Motage-16 Andy-Motage-17Photos by Danny Roberts @ Laguna Beach, California.

Film photography might seem old school nowadays, specially since we are living in the “digital” era, but I think theres a certain beauty about shooting with film and my friend Danny Roberts understands that too well. He has been playing with film photography for a while and we agreed that next time I came to California, we had to do a shoot together, so the beach seemed like the perfect place to start :)

You can check the behind the scenes HERE.


65 thoughts on “SUNDAZE

  1. film photography is definitely one of my favorite ways to take pictures! the result always look amazing and it’s definitely worth the ‘i-can’t-see-the-result-instantly’ thought

    Sophia //

  2. Film photography has always fascinated me! <3 I'm kind of hoping to try it someday, it's definitely on my bucket list! I really couldn't tell at first that these pictures were by film, they're so so so good! Stunning as always. Xoxo


  3. Simply amazing Andy!!! I love film photography, it reminds us that there was once a time things werent so complicated and still would be so beautiful. ✌

  4. I completely agree. I recently picked up my film camera again and it feels like an entirely different thing. I hope that it never goes away, even with the decline in demand.


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